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Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing is getting a job done at another location. Offshore outsourcing is widely popular among the software development industry where software is developed at a facility which belongs to the offshore service provider. By outsourcing its software development requirements, an organization can reap considerable benefits by getting high quality software developed at a low price. One of the prerequisites of an offshore outsourcing company is communication, so that real time communication can take place between the client and the service provider.

MindzGroup, proved leading offshore software outsourcing company in India, specializing in all types of offshore outsourcing projects.

By Offshore Outsourcing Services we provide:

We are a specialist software outsourcing and offshore development company based in India. Our offshore outsourcing services are aimed at software development companies and web development companies across the world.

Offshore Software Development
Offshore Web Design
Offshore Web Development
Web content development
E-commerce application development
SEO Services
Offshore product development
Product maintenance
Offshore game development
Offshore consulting services

We follow a widely proved methodology to ensure success of each and every project. Once a software development requirement is outsourced to us a team of experts help the client understands the key drivers involved after which they help the client enumerate the goals and the applicable constraints. As the development progresses continuous communication is maintained with the client to keep him informed about the developments at our end.

Where we excel as a preferred offshore outsourcing business partner:

Our offshore development team consists of highly skilled designers and experienced software professionals. We combine these skills with the ability to learn and grow. We maintain

Privacy of Businesses
Effective Project Management
Adherence to Quality
Risk Sharing
Cost Effectiveness
Customer Satisfaction
Endeavor to Maintain Long Term Business Relationship

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